Flying Colours- Melbourne Airport International Arrivals

Flying Colours (detail) Melbourne Airport International Arrivals, 2014

Printed plywood, adhesive vinyl, various sizes- fabricated by Boom Studios

Melbourne-based artist Shane McGrath has just completed a large-scale mural in a recently upgraded section of Melbourne Airport’s international terminal, which has just been unveiled this week. The artwork, which features an assemblage of international arrivals walking alongside each other and throwing paper-planes, pays tribute to Melbourne’s cultural diversity.


Shane, whose proposal was handpicked from a competitive field of Melbourne artists. says the piece is representative of Melbourne’s multicultural identity. “A city that is famous for its diversity, Melbourne’s population is made up of people from over 140 cultures around the world. This piece is a celebration of Melbourne’s multicultural roots,“ said Shane.


The aim of Shane’s artwork is to take each passenger on a journey through multicultural Melbourne, and to show that Melbournians are proud of their rich cultural heritage. “My intention in this artwork at the Melbourne Airport is to share with an international audience my views on how this city embraces other cultures,” said Shane.


The paper planes in the artwork feature traditional printed patterns from all over the world. In this way, the paper planes become a metaphor for the cultural exchange that takes place each time someone travels. These small symbols of passenger origins may appear simple when considered individually, but collectively, appearing together in great numbers, express a poetic representation of what Melbourne is about; an impressive international destination due to the amazing sum of its culturally diverse parts.

See Shane McGrath Studio for installation images.


Photos:  Abigail Varney

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