Metro Farm Herefords, MFFC

On the Outer: Public Art Project November 14 & 21 2015

photo credits: Keiran Watson-Bonnice

As part of TREATMENT: Six public sculptures at the Western Treatment Plant, ON THE OUTER , was a performance piece staged out at Werribee’s ex-township of Cocoroc where I resurrected the now defunct football team, the Metropolitan Farm Herefords. The performances were in response to the pre-existing and ongoing stigma associated to the community that are from Werribee, seemingly famous only for the ‘poo-farm’. Conducting extensive interviews with surviving members of the community, making replica uniforms and utilising the pre-existing social structure of the football club as a platform, ON THE OUTER examined tribalism and exclusion from the perspective of a forgotten and almost lost local history.

Sponsored by Melbourne Water, Deakin University, Wyndham City, Wyndham Community Cultural Foundation & all my Pozible supporters

On the Outer, (performance stills)

As part of TREATMENT: Six public Artworks at the Western treatment Plant, 2015


On the Outer, (Commemorative stubby holder )

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